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Home History of Chernavtitsy
History of Chernavtitsy

Chernavchitsy (belor. Чарнаўчыцы) - a village in the Brest region of Brest region of Belarus. Included in the Chernavchitskogo Village. Located 18 kilometers north of Brest.

Ownership type Volchkevichey, which in 1487 transferred kind Ilinichey emblem Korczak, one of the oldest in Belarus. Chernavchitsy were the main residence of a large courtyard Ilinichey.
Yuri Ilinich had no heirs. Together with peace, and White Zelvoy Chernavchitsy he bequeath to his cousin Nicholas Kristof Radzivillu Sirotke. Radziwill organized Chernavchitskoe County, which includes about 40dereven.
In Chernavchitsah Radziwill Sirotka built a magnificent church of St. Trinity, which is well preserved and is valid and nyne.Vladeltsami Chernavchits were Stanislaw Radziwill Albrecht, Alexander Ludwig Radziwill, Michael Casimir Rybonka and Grabowski. Without a doubt, that buildings of that time in Chernavchitsah-most early and significant piece baroque in Belarus. At the moment Chernavchitsy - agrogorodok, center Chernavchitskogo village council, nice corner for the rest.


Trinity Church

Date of construction: 1583-85 biennium.
Style: Gothic, Renaissance

In Chernavchitsah remained one of the oldest stone monuments of Belarusian architecture - Trinity Church, built in 1583

The temple is located in the center of the village to break the highway Brest - Kamenetz. Along with longline belfry HIGH ALTITUDE dominant form in low building settlements. Song Belfry recalls composition defense Nesvizha chateau tower, built in the late XVI century.

Temple One beskupolny. Artistic expression is achieved significant buildings, large-scale forms with a small architectural details. APSE and side facades are denied the influence of the Gothic that seen in the massive walls of abutment and the narrow elongated windows. Steep and high schiptsovaya roof also have a constructive methods of Gothic architecture.

Rectangular and round niches - paneled thin fillets and vertical thrust main facade, a set of interior, decorated with sculptural figured tyagami-rib characteristic signs of renaissance. Belarus survived only sporadic construction of this type.

The peculiarity of the temple - a round tower on the south side elevation, which features the architecture of defense type. These towers are found in other monuments of Belarusian architecture XV-XVII centuries. It can be assumed that the introduction to the song in Chernavchitsah a church tower was a direct influence and have become traditional local architectural and engineering practices.


ST. Paraskeva Friday (derev.)

Dates of construction / update: 1733 / XIX century.

Another attraction Chernavchits is a monument of wooden architecture - the church Paraskeva Friday, which was built in 1733 (rebuilt in the XIX century.) At the center of the village. This trehsrubnaya building is the transition from longitudinal-axial to the cross-centric songs. APSE pentahedral and wide, the ceiling podshivnoy, sredokrestie pointed turret - is not high, but kupolkami complex shape.




On the Great Patriotic War reminds located in the village common grave of Soviet soldiers, guerrillas, border guards and victims of fascism. Here, in particular, buried Hero of the Soviet Union VI Zagorodnev.



Kalinka cottage
Yuri and Zoya Nelipovich
Brest region.
Brest district,
st. Fruktovaya, 8


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